December 25, 2023

"I will highly recommend this place to anyone and everyone. I mounted a gaming computer for my daughter just by following a YouTube video. However, when I went to turn it on, it did not power on. I took it to Compu Cell thinking that I would have to drop it off and wait a week or 2 until they were able to diagnose/fix the issue. To my surprise the technician at the counter troubleshoot my PC right then and there (took him about 5 minutes). He fixed it and even refused to charge me. Very friendly and professional guy. If you appreciate honest and efficient business this is your spot. God bless you all in CompuCell Merry Xmas."
November 1, 2023

"He went above and beyond to replace my water damaged screen extremely fast! Amazing costumer service."
August 19, 2023

"Always have what we need and great customer service."
April 6, 2023

"Honestamente creo que es de lo mejor que he tenido un servicio y aunque honestamente solo fueron sus consejos por teléfono el tipo es una gran persona 100% honesto y 100% recomendable no busquen más hoy en día es muy difícil encontrar gente con esa gran experiencia y con esa amabilidad sin aprovecharse de la ignorancia o el poco conocimiento gracias a él pude echar andar mi computadora ya que no reconocía el procesador y él muy amablemente me dio sus consejos sin costo alguno No duraría en llevarle mis computadoras o algún otro servicio"
May 12, 2022